Aikikai Headquarters
Aikikai is located at the center of the organization of aikido. Headquarters is located in Tokyo.

Aikido Shoheijuku
PUAA is a subsidiary association of the Shoheijuku dojo. The Dojo was established in 1977 by Suganuma shihan, one of the founder's last inner disciples, he was dispatched to Kyushu in Japan from Aikikai.

Aikido Beppu dojo

TianYing Aiki Sports Center Headquarters

Beijing Aikido Agatsukan
It is the organization whom the non-students' group which belonged to PUAA founded.

Fukuoka University Aikido Association

Mongol Aikido Association

Uji Shoheijuku

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Shanghai International Aikido Club
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China Aikido Net
China Aikido Net

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