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The Peking University Aikido Association is a student organization under the survision of the Coucil of the Communist Youth League,and was established on October 29, 2001.The purposes of PUAA is "introduction of Japan's modern marcial arts and traditional culture, promoting a student's cultural exchanges, building up the healthy body, instructing Aikido".
Aikido is a kind of Jujutsu and Japan's modern marcial arts like Kendo,Judo,Karate.Aikido do not wound a opponent, but put a emphasis on controlling a motion of a opponent, and, so, is called "peace" Budo(Japan's marcial arts) and "Zen which moves".After the Second World War, aikido spread quickly in Japan and spread also in the world.Now, it is received in the country and area exceeding 70 of the whole world, and probably a lover exceeds 3 million people and could say that aikido turned into global Budo(Japan's marcial arts).If Japan excepted,Taiwan are the most prosperous area of Aikido in Asia. On the China continent, it has become as know recently.
The aikido of Peking University was the grade in which the Japanese student began in 2000 and a small number of foreign student and Chinese student have participated at first. And one year after, it became the scale which exceeds 20 members and the association was recognized formally in November 2001.We spread this movement towards all the schools, and greets the student of other schools also simultaneously, and we are doing our best for the purpose of contributing to aikido spread in Beijing.
We promote private sector cultural exchanges of both China and Japan not only activity of aikido, and we are wishing if it can contribute also to mutual understanding of the people of both China and Japan.

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