What is Aikido?

Ueshiba Morihei(1883-1969)
Though regrettable in what aikido is, it is seldom known in China. Here, aikido is simply explained for China's ones.
Aikido is Budo(Japan's marcial arts) which spread quickly all over the world in the past dozens of years, and Ueshiba Morihei begins it about 80 years ago. When Ueshiba Morihei is young, he learns many old martial arts of Japan , he performs severe moral discipline, arrives at an original fresh ground at last, and came to call its Budo "aikido" in 1942.
There is no game in aikido and there is no idea of saying that it competes. It is the Budo which put emphasis on the creativity which performs self discipline by training with a partner rather than destroying a partner. So to speak, "aiki" of aikido is a secret, and it is hard to understand it, and is hard to give explanation, and explanation of high rank teachers also changes with people. :for example, A certain man says that "aiki" is a thing similar to China's qigong , moreover,Moreover, a certain man is the name with which "aiki" only remains for the numbers of century, and it is said that it is not a thing explaining a special phenomenon now etc. Since it is difficult to introduce many interpretations here, If an acceptable way of speaking is carried out, it can be said with "aiki" that it is likely to be about the motion and relation of persons to practice. "aiki" aims at the ground of not fight but wins by carrying out,avoiding The collision of the power of those, which are practiced.
Mainly, aikido uses a throwing and armbarring techniques, a blow is used auxiliary.Although judo of Japan also uses throwing techniques, it differs from aikido considerably.Judo has a game, and in order to avoid danger, it has forbidden simultaneous use of throwing techniques and armbarring techniques.In aikido, a numbers techniques uses throwing and armbarring simultaneously.Without the soul which consoles a partner, it is very dangerous and exercise cannot be continued.Therefore, it is required to also support the soul which consoles a partner to practice aikido. This is also the reason to which aikido is called Budo of creativity.
Since aikido advances exercise according to each one of physical strength and levels, it can be practiced regardless of sex, age, and a level, and is loved by every country in the world and the men of each class.